Experience is everything when working with a personal trainer.  All of our memberships include a consultation with our personal trainer manager. We want to ensure you get the results you want, know your way around the gym and are set up for success. He can help you assess your current abilities and recommend a trainer to work with you to reach your individual goals. Call today to schedule a tour and receive a guest pass. So grab your gym gear and come in today. 

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When Personal Fitness Trainer Chris Gonzalez left Lifestyle Family Fitness in the summer of 2012, he had a handful clients and a vision for something great. With the help of friends and family, Chis opened Truly Fit Studio, his own small space where all the members felt like family and a passion for fitness was at the core. His client roster grew as well as a loyal following, including a team of experienced trainers. "We had to stay competitive with all the new fitness options available in the area," says Gonzalez, who has been a personal trainer for more than a decade. "It was do or die. Take the plunge or get lost."  

In 2016, it was time to grow again, moving to a 10, 000 square-foot facility. The space allowed for expanded cardio and free weight areas, a dedicated spin room and a personal training studio to the already-popular Hurt Locker and group-fitness programs. 

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Staffed Front Desk Hours
Mon-Sat from 8 a.m.-12 p.m.  Mon- Thurs 4-8 p.m.

Kids Club Staffed Hours 
Mon-Sat from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. & Mon- Thurs 4-8 p.m.

Ryde for Life features the best indoor-cycling experience with REAL RYDER bikes. The bikes feature unique articulating frames that allows the rider to lean, steer and bank in very much the same way that a road bike does.

Hurt Locker is a signature boot camp-style program developed by Owner Chris Gonzalez. Experience a different workout daily. 

LynnSpin is a dynamic ride powered by music and adrenaline. Experience hill climbs, sprints and banking turns designed to build a powerful body. It’s a different ride every time.

LynnSanity is a high-intensity total body workout. The class program changes daily and incorporates free weights and cardio to keep you functionally fit.

Massage Therapy offers relaxation and deep tissue styles. Call 813.513.2967 to schedule​.